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Wall Mounted Winches

Type: Wall Mounted Winch - Capacity: 1,500 lbs

Application: This Wall Mounted Winch is great for use in horizontal pulling applications such as positioning equipment, stringing of lines, and emergency rescue applications. Wall Mounted Winches are perfect solutions when heavy machinery cannot be used for the positioning of machines or heavy loads. The winch has the ability to be used in applications that need precise handling and moving of loads.

Description: The Wall Mounted Winches are constructed of steel worm gear drives with a zinc plated finish. It features a Pinion gear shaft with lubricated down bushings that provide smooth operation and long life. Industrial winches are devices that use a wire, rope, cable, strap or web to move heavy loads. 

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Model Capacity (lbs) Lever Handle Length (in) Gear Ratio Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
V0046 1500 9.6 41 : 1 12 5 - 7 days $104.30 Pics + More
V0047 1500 6.6 41 : 1 14 5 - 7 days $119.70 Pics + More

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