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Jaw & Eye Turnbuckle

Type: Turnbuckle, galvanized, eye & eye

Application: This turnbuckle is used for securing and tensioning of aircraft cables, ropes and wire ropes, tie rods and tensioning systems. It is ideal for construction, industrial purposes and general pulling and securing applications (Not for lifting or suspending of loads!).

Description: The galvanized turnbuckle is manufactured from heated steel; drop forged and galvanized for maximum strength, safety and durability. The body of the eye & eye turnbuckle is normalized and the end fittings are quenched and tempered. This process provides robustness to temperature changes and produces strong threads.

Each galvanized turnbuckle consists of the main body (middle section) and two threaded end links. In order to tighten the turnbuckle, simply spin the threaded body either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the application and the direction of the buckle.

The items are intended to be operated by trained and qualified professionals to ensure safe tensioning. The turnbuckle is for use in straight or in-line pulling applications only.
Variations: Turnbuckles are available in steel, galvanized steel (weather resistant) and stainless steel (softer but highest corrosion resistance). The end links can consist of either: Eye & Eye, Jaw & Eye, Jaw & Jaw, Hook & Hook, and Hook & Eye combinations.

Turnbuckles are also known by other names such as stretching screws and bottle screws.

Warning: Not for overhead lifting!

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Model Turnbuckle Size Working Load Limit (lbs) Closed Length (in) Take up (in) Quantity of Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
A2186 1/4 500 8.25 4 10 0.3 10 - 14 days $3.52 Pics + More
A2187 5/16 800 9.56 4.5 10 0.53 10 - 14 days $4.34 Pics + More
A2188 3/8 1200 11.88 6 10 0.82 10 - 14 days $4.81 Pics + More
A2189 1/2 2200 13.31 6 5 1.5 10 - 14 days $5.70 Pics + More
A2190 1/2 2200 16.31 9 5 1.82 10 - 14 days $6.83 Pics + More
A2191 1/2 2200 19.31 12 5 2.18 10 - 14 days $8.87 Pics + More

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