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Crosby Shackle - Bolt Type Chain Shackle - Capacity 4,000 lbs - Chain Size - 1/2 inch



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Item: Crosby Shackle - Standard - Bolt Type Chain (for long term connections) - Working Load Limit: 4,000 lbs - For Chain Size: 1/2 inch

Manufacturer/ Country of Origin: Crosby / USA

Application: These Crosby Bolt Type Chain Shackles are used for general purpose connections of slings, cables, and chains in overhead lifting applications. The shackle has a large round body for general purpose connections. Outfitted with a bolt and cotter type securement system, this shackle is used for a secure long-term or permanent connection and in applications where the load may slide and cause the pin to rotate.

Description: Made of alloy steel construction - Closed die forged - Quenched and tempered with alloy pins - Designed with a 6 to 1 design factor (theoretical reserve capability of working load limit) - Working Load Limit number forged into the steel - Approved for use in -40‎° (degrees) F to 400‎° (degrees) F

Material: Alloy Steel - Body and pin are powder coated

Quality: All Crosby Bolt Type Chain Shackles meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME B30.26, which include identification, durability, design factor, proof load, and temperature requirements. These Crosby shackles also go above and beyond these standard safety requirements by including fatigue life, impact properties, and material traceability; factors that are not required by ASME B30.26. Meets the Federal specification RR-C-271F, Type: IVB, Grade A, Class 3, except for those provisions required of the contractor. Approval and certification in accordance with ABS 2006 Steel vessel rules 1-1-17.7. Meets performance requirements of EN 13889:2003. NOTE - All shackles 25 tons and above are equipped with RFID - radio frequency I.D.

The Difference: Low quality lifting products can cause injury and damage. There are many look-a-like Crosby shackles that are often found at lower prices, and are also often advertised to conform to the same safety standards, if at all. Be aware that it may refer to safety ratings in effect decades ago. So for example, under the same safety standard a decade ago, a lifting shackle may be rated to 100% without proof load testing while today it may be 300% with proof load testing. Be assured that we only sell the highest quality lifting shackles and our advertised safety standards conform or exceed to the current ASME standards.

Availability: Shipping time is subject to change PER manufacture availabilty.

Industry Designation: Crosby manufactures different types of shackles. These Crosby shackles are called 'Bolt Type Chain Shackles', or 'Bolt Type Bow Shackles'.

Includes: (1) one Crosby shackle







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Chain Shackle
Crane Shackle
  • Never exceed working load limits!

Capacity changes with varying angle of use.