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Self Dumping Hopper - Capacity - 2,000 - 3 Cubic Yard



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Item: Self Dumping Hopper - Capacity - 2,000 - 3 Cubic Yard

Includes: 1 Self Dumping Hoppers

Details for Forklift Self Dumping Hoppers

Manufacturer: Vestil

Description: These Forklift Self Dumping Hoppers automatically release when bumper release contacts the side of the dumpster. The hopper will return to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps. Each Forklift Self Dumping Hopper comes with a cable release that can be operated from the safety of the operators seat in the forklift and gives the operator the ability to manually dump the hopper. The usable forklift pockets are 7 1/2 (W) x 2 1/2 (H). Each hopper comes with a safety restraint that attaches the hopper securely to the forklift. Each hopper comes in a powder coat blue finish.  

Operation: The Forklift Self Dumping Hopper can be operated in two different ways. The front of the hopper has an automatic pressure actuator that allows the operator to dump the hopper by simply contacting the release bumper to the side of a dumpster. The hopper will then automatically reset once the operator reverses from the dumpster. The second method of dumping is a cable that is accessible from the operator's seat while on the forklift. This option give the operator full control on when the hopper dumps, but must be reset manually by lowering the hopper and resetting it manually.

WARNING: Each Forklift Self Dumping hopper comes with a safety restraint that must be properly installed to ensure the safety of the operator and others in the surrounding area. Allows check to make sure that the hopper is properly secured before each use.








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