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Forklift Rhino Receiver hitch - 6,000 lb capacity



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DESCRIPTION for Forklift Hitch for Dollies

Item: Forklift Rhino Receiver hitch - 6,000 lbs capacity

Includes: Forklift Hitch Receiver. Binder and Chain NOT included.

Country of Origin:  United States

Description: The Forklift Rhino Hitches for dollies and trailers are designed to allow the operator to move heavy loads while having the load in front of him. In standard applications the operator is towing the load, which limits visibility. The Forklift Rhino Hitch attachment provides better visibility to the operator and gives the operator better control over positioning and placement of loads. Each Forklift Rhino Hitch Receiver is equipped with a standard REESE hitch tube that accepts any standard 2" square, class 3 or class 4 hitch insert. Most common are the ball inserts and the pintle inserts.

Operation: The Forklift Rhino Hitch will fit any forks up to a 6 inch width. After the hitch is slid into place you will need to attach the Forklift Rhino Hitch with a chain binder and transport chain to the rear of the hitch and to the cage of the forklift securely (Chain binder and transport chain included in items marked as KIT). Slide towing eye over the hitch and secure safety pin before moving the load.

Includes: The Forklift Rhino Hitch is sold alone or in a kit. The kit will include the needed chain binder and transport chain for securing the hitch to the forklift. Line items will be marked with "Kit" if looking to purchase the entire set up. All Forklift Rhinos come with a 6,500 lbs shackle.












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