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Forklift Rhino Receiver hitch - 6,000 lb capacity



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Item: Forklift Rhino Receiver Hitch - Capacity: 6,000 lbs

Application: Designed to allow the operator to move heavy loads while having the load in front of him - Provides better visibility to the operator and gives the operator better control over positioning and placement of loads - Designed to handle equipment that requires receiver inserts such as Standard Ball, Gooseneck, or Pintle Hook latch systems

Country of Origin:  United States

Description: At 1/3 the size of most traditional trailer spotters - 6" wide fork pockets and space saving handle design - Lightweight, easy to pick up and move - Eliminates uneven fork sag - Does away with the single fork method of moving trailers which can result uncontrolled fork swing - Rigidity of the Fork Rhino Receiver evenly spreads the load to both forks - Equipped with a standard REESE hitch tube that accepts any standard 2" square, class 3, or class 4 hitch insert - Easy to store and stow away

  • Shackled Configuration: Rhino restraint system locks the Fork Rhino Receiver into place - Use of a binder will prevent jerking action often experienced with other trailer spotters
  • Pinned Configureation: Fork truck attachment requires that (2) two 17/32 inch holes be drilled in the forks - The holes allow the holding pins to secure the Fork Rhino to the fork truck

Includes: (1) one Fork Rhino Reciever (binder and chain not included)

WARNING: Not for highway or high speed! - Never exceed rated capacity!




Reciever Hitch








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