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Tea Cup Pipe Carrier - 1 1/4 inch - Capacity 13 tons



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Item: Tea Cup Pipe Carrier - Capacity: 13 tons - Compatible with 1.25 inches Pipe Carrier Slings

Manufacturer:  Caldwell

Description: An attachmet that allows for the moving and handling of varies concrete and sewer pipes - The attachment has a specific size wire sling that it must be used with - Tea cup pipe carriers must be matched up with the proper pipe carring sling

Operation: The Tea Cup Pipe Carrier is an attachment to the Pipe Carrier Sling. Attachment is added to the sling to allow for the lifting and moving of concrete pipes. The pipe carrier sling is first dropped in through the pipe opening and then the tea cup attachment is fitted to the sling. Align the opening on the tea cup attachment with the sling and make sure that it sets down properly on the end fitting of the pipe carrier sling.

Includes: (1) one Tea Cup Pipe Carrier




Fits 1 1/4 inch Pipe Carrier Slings




3 - 5 days