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Basic Locking Plate Clamps

Item: Positive Locking Plate Clamp - Capacity: 2,000 to 6,000 lbs

Manufacturer: Vestil

Application: For the overhead lifting and gripping of material sheets

Description: Each Plate clamp is equipped with a release ring for easy releasing of the load. The serrated gripped is made of hardened tool steel. Each plate clamp has a forged head and gear set up and features a powder coated finish. Each is designed to meet ASME B30.20 standards and has a safety factor of 2 to 1.

WARNING: Never use the plate clamps with less than 20% of rated capacity - Lift only one plate at a time - Make sure that all plates are clean and free of oil and debris - Never exceed rated capacity!

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   Capacities Dimensions         
Model Minimum Capacity (lbs) Capacity (lbs) Max Plate Thickness (in) Min Plate Thickness (in) Throat Depth (in) Bail Opening (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
V0093 400 2000 0.8 0 2.3 1.9 12 2 - 3 days $353.03 Pics + More
V0094 800 4000 1.1875 0 2.95 2.2 25 2 - 3 days $464.33 Pics + More
V0095 1200 6000 1.5625 0 3.34 1.9 32 2 - 3 days $559.18 Pics + More

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