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Chain: Overhead Lifting - Chain Size - 7/8" - Grade 100 - Capacity 42,700 - Length 12 ft



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Item: Chain - Grade 100 Steel - Capacity: 42,700 lbs - Chain Size: 7/8 inch - Length: 12 feet

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Application: Used for overhead lifting or suspension of loads - Can be used where tie down chain or tow chain is needed - Ideal and robust for everyday use

Description: Chain link made out of grade 100 steel - Approved for overhead lifting or towing

Quality: Design factor of 4 to 1, theoretical reserve capability of working load limit - Meets specifications of the NACM, ASTM, and O.S.H.A - Made and proof load tested in the USA - Complying with OSHA requirements - Meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standards under ASME B30.9

Steel Quality: Grade 80 Steel was the quality standard for many years. Rigging.com is now offering the higher quality Grade 100 chain. Due to a change in regulations Grade 80 has become an older standard and to stay with the new regulations, we no longer carry Grade 80 overhead lifting chain.

WARNING: Individual component manufactured for overhead lifting quality standards - If used as part of a lifting assembly, entire assembly must be tested and tagged before use - Make sure to check local and national regulations before using any type of overhead lifting products

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!








3 - 7 days
  • Never Exceed Working Load Limits!
  • Do Not Exceed 30° Angle of Use!

Capacities change with varying angle of use.