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Beam Clamps

Type:Heavy Duty Beam Clamps - Capacity: 1 to 10 tons

Applications: Designed to easily clamp onto various beams and girders to provide a stationary hoisting point.

Description: All of our beam clamps feature an all-steel construction, quick and effective adjustment to fit most I beams, durable baked enamel paint protection, stainless steel I.D. tag, and an individual test certificate and serial number. Engineered keeping efficiency in mind, these beam clamps have an extremely high weight to strength ratio. Quick functioning adjustability means you spend less time setting up for a job and more time performing the task at hand.

Safety Standards: All Beam clamps meet the following safety standards: ANSI B30.10 (for use with manual or powered hoists), CE and AS 1418.2

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Adjustable Flange Width (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
OZ039 1 2.95 - 9.05 9 Next Day $69.24 Pics + More
OZ040 2 2.95 - 9.05 11 Next Day $80.48 Pics + More
OZ041 3 3.15 - 12.60 21 Next Day $104.61 Pics + More
OZ042 5 3.54 - 12.60 27 Next Day $127.53 Pics + More
OZ043 10 3.54 - 12.60 35 Next Day $245.17 Pics + More

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