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Economy Push Beam Trolley w/ Clamp - Capacity: 1 Ton



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Item: Economy Push Beam Trolley - With Clamp - Capacity: 1 ton

Applications: Used for overhead lifting applications for various size beams and girders to provide a movable hoisting point - Rolls freely with the ability to clamp down for a secure lift

Description: Designed to easily roll and clamp onto various beams and girders, these push beam trolleys allow you to set up a fixed secure point to hoist your loads from. Each trolley is dependable and safe to use. Easily adjusts to the width of most S type, H type, W type, M type I-beams. Each features an adjustable manual screw for width adjustments. The trolleys include a locking ring to prevent it from unwanted width adjustments. The manual screw mechanism also allows the trolley to be fixed to the I-beam for better support and control. Each trolley comes with (4) four rollers that have sealed bearings. The lifting eye is located at the bottom of the trolley for attaching a hoist (not included). Each is made of steel and has a painted finish.

Includes: (1) one push beam trolley

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!




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3 - 7 days

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Economy I Beam Trolley
Beam Trolley