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Standard Duty Ratchet Jacks

Items: Standard Duty Ratchet Jacks - Mechanical, Hand Operated - Load Capacities: 5 & 10 tons

How It Works: Pumping action turns gears to raise the lifting shaft

Value Added Feature: More lightweight, mobile & rugged than oil-operated jacks

Applications: Recommended for lightweight lifting jobs and heavy duty load holding in the field & remote locations. Lighter models are used by telephone, light and power, and railroad companies. Heavier models are used by structural movers, riggers, and maintenance crews.

Description: Also known as the railroad jack, notch jack, hand crank jack, or farm jack. It comes with double-lever sockets for jacking in close quarters. Multiple-tooth pawls offer strength & safety. Comes with drop-forged alloy steel, heat-treated components, adjustable spring links and precision machining throughout. Plated springs resist corrosion. Large base insures a firm foundation. It supports full rated capacity on the toe or the head. Jack has direction switch: Set to 'lift', then pump to lift the load or set switch to 'lower', then pump to lower the load. Steel pumping handle included. The long pumping handle provides significant leverage for easy lifting of heavy loads.

Attention: Before purchasing, please consider the 'handle effort per ton of load' as listed in the table with each item. What this means for you: Assume the handle effort per ton is 10 lbs. If you lift 5 tons of weight, you have to push the pumping handle with 50 lbs of force (10 lbs x 5) each time you pump.

Includes: (1) one Ratchet Jack and (1) one pumping handle

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Stroke (in) Toe Height (in) Jack Height Retracted (in) Handle Effort per ton of load (lbs) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
Z015 5 9.4 1.8 16 11 38 Same Day $649.11 Pics + More
Z016 10 10.2 2.4 20 15 64 Same Day $1,187.79 Pics + More

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