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Hydraulic Pulling Jack

Applications: For pulling of heavy objects.

Description: Single acting hydraulic pulling jack. Available in two types: Outfitted with either pulling hooks or pulling eyes at each end. Operates at 10,000 psi.

Requires a single acting hydraulic hand, electric or air over hydraulic pump plus hydraulic hose to operate (not included). Jack is outfitted with standard 3/8 inch NPT coupler (the same standard couplers as on cylinder jacks).

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     Features Dimensions         
Model Pull Capacity (tons) Stroke (in) Type Jack Length Extended (in) Jack Length Retracted (in) Oil Capacity (cu-in) Usable Oil Capacity (fl-oz) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
Z009 5 6 With Hooks 19.5 13.5 15 8.31 16 Same Day $195.99 Pics + More
Z010 10 6 With Hooks 19.5 13.5 22 12.2 20 Same Day $255.22 Pics + More
Z011 10 5.9 With Pulling Eyes 29.5 23.38 42 23.3 22 4 weeks $2,572.73 Pics + More
Z012 20 5.9 With Pulling Eyes 31.5 25.5 42 23.3 53 4 weeks $3,134.19 Pics + More
Z013 30 5.9 With Pulling Eyes 34.2 23.63 42 23.3 69 4 weeks $4,655.09 Pics + More

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