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Jack Stands

Items: Jack Stands - Ratchet or Screw Type - Sets of (2) Two - Service Ranges: 10.6 to 41 inches - Load Capacities: 3 to 12 tons

Applications: For holding loads indefinitely without creeping down. Ideal for applications in construction, house moving, structural support, shipbuilding, railroads, transportation, and secure holding of industrial loads.

Description: Versatile jack stands that can be used to hold heavy loads. Easily adjust to fit height positions. Adaptable jack stands that are ideal for stabilizing lifted load. Welded steel base for extra strength. Positive lock handle cannot be released under load.


  • Screw Type jack stand is adjustable in height by attaching and turning a handle (included) to extend or retract neck. Once at the desired height, jack can be locked in place.
  • Ratchet Type jack stand is adjustable in height by releasing the locking pin then adjust the neck upward to the desired height. The jack locks into place via grooves on the front of the neck. To lower the jack, release the locking pin again.

Includes: Ratchet type stands sold in sets of (2) two - Screw type jack stands sold individually

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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     Features Dimensions           
Model Load Capacity (tons) Stroke (in) Type Jack Height Retracted (in) Jack Height Extended (in) Saddle Size Length (in) Saddle Size Width (in) Base Length (in) Base Width (in) Weight (each) Usually Ships Within Quantity Price Qty. 
Z047 3 5.9 Ratchet 10.625 16.5 10 2.9 7 7.62 15 1 - 3 days Sold in sets of 2 $39.96 Pics + More
Z048 6 6.2 Ratchet 12.25 18.5 12 2.9 8 9 25 1 - 3 days Sold in sets of 2 $98.90 Pics + More
Z049 12 10 Screw 18 28 6.6 3.5 16.38 14.57 23 1 - 3 days Sold Individually $245.00 Pics + More
Z050 12 19 Screw 28 41 6.6 3.5 21.5 23.75 30 1 - 3 days Sold Individually $325.00 Pics + More

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