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Air Powered Forklift Jack

Item: Air Powered Forklift Jack - Capacity: 44,000 lbs

Application: The Air Powered Forklift Jack is to be used for the lifting of a forklift during maintenance or when needed.

Description: The Air Powered Forklift Jack is designed to raise a forklift for maintenance. Each features high-quality seals, pressure relief valve, and a rugged steel construction. Each jack has a servicable range from 8.25 inches to the maximum lift height of 18.25 inches. The wide range of lift gives the needed room to perform a variety of repairs. Each jack is manually raised by the removable pump handle which when removeded give the jack a compact size. The Pressure relief valve is is located on top of the handle for metered control and load height adjustment.

Includes: (1) one Air Powered Forklift Jack

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Model Capacity (lbs) Stroke (in) Type Minimum Lift Height Top Toe (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
V0109 44000 18.25 Air Powered 8.25 131 2 - 3 days $633.34 Pics + More

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