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Basement Leveling Jacks

Items: Basement Leveling Jacks - Screw Type - Service Ranges: 12 to 150 inches - Height Capacities: 2,588 to 11,200 lbs

Application: These Basement Jacks are made for the holding, leveling, and stabilizing of floor beams and joists during construction and repairs. The (2) two locking pins prevent the jack from lowering during use.  

Description: The Basement Jacks are a telescopic style jack with removable pins that allow the operator to adjust the jack to the proper position for better holding, leveling, and stabilizing during the construction and repair process. The end pads include a screw and turning bar for easy height adjustment. Each Basement jack features a rugged all welded steel construction.

Includes: (1) one basement floor jack, (1) one adjustment pin, (2) two locking pins

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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   Capacities Dimensions         
Model Max. Height Capacity (lbs) Min. Height Capacity (lbs) Retracted Height (in) Max Height (in) Weight per Jack Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
V0056 9738 9738 12 16 9 1 - 3 days $37.92 Pics + More
V0057 6863 9738 19 36 11 1 - 3 days $67.88 Pics + More
V0058 5600 8438 54 100 25 1 - 3 days $68.72 Pics + More
V0059 2588 11200 54 150 36 1 - 3 days $105.47 Pics + More

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