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Urethane Roller Dollies

Items: Industrial Machine Skates - Urethane Rollers - Straight-Line & Steerable - Capacities: 2 to 5 tons

Value-Added Feature: String along like a train

Applications: Moving heavy, oversized equipment, cargo and machinery

Description: All steel heavy-duty dollies securely support and transport extra heavy loads in a safe, worker-wise manner. There is a selection of three different types of speed rollers. The low-profile type (P Series) is lightweight with a low overall height, assuring user safety while transferring heavy loads with a low center of gravity. Standard type rollers contain single or double rows of rollers for straight-forward movement. Swing rollers (Bogie type) can turn up to 35° (degrees), enabling an easy change of direction while loaded. Urethane rollers made of high-strength elastic are used to reduce the starting force. In addition, they are oil resistant and extremely durable. All models feature a free-turning top place, making it easy to rotate a heavy load.

Includes: (1) one industrial machine skate

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Type Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
Z1022 5 Straight-line 12 8.6 4.125 4 weeks $748.06 Pics + More
Z2020 3 Straight-line 11.6 8.5 4.125 3 - 5 days $825.00 Pics + More
Z3018 2 Steerable 11.9 9.87 4.125 3 - 5 days $1,089.00 Pics + More
Z4021 5 Straight-line 14 12.4 5 6 - 8 weeks $1,094.00 Pics + More
Z5019 3 Steerable 14 12.1 5 3 - 5 days $1,408.50 Pics + More

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