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Polyurethane Mark Dolly

Items: Mark Dolly - Individual Skate - Swivel - Padded Top - Polyurethane Rollers - Load Capacities: 2.5 to 15 tons

Country of Origin: USA

Description: High capacity low profile dollies with polyurethane rollers. The Mark series dollies are low in height, easy to control, high capacity dollies that come with a swivel top for easy maneuvering. The swivel top rotates 360° (degrees) and holds its direction through friction with the frame. This allows straight back and forth motion, zigzag or 90° (degrees) broadside turns. The dolly is outfitted with an anti-slip load pad.

Applications: These Mark roller dollies are primarily used for moving of manufacturing machines in factories.

Top Style: Swivel, Padded

Roller Type: Polyurethane - protects sensitive floors

Includes: (1) Mark dolly

Accessories: Use optional steering handle to change direction of dolly. (See bottom of page)

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

Learn More: Things you need to know before you buy! See Bottom of Page

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     Features Dimensions           
Model Load Capacity (tons) Top Style Type # of Rollers per Dolly Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Roller Type Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
CIP025 2.5 Padded Swivel 2 12.5 5 5 Polyurethane 20 7 - 10 Days $405.00 Pics + More
CIP037 3.75 Padded Swivel 3 16 5 5 Polyurethane 26 7 - 10 Days $490.00 Pics + More
CIP085 8.75 Padded Swivel 6 16 7.3 5 Polyurethane 45 7 - 10 Days $775.00 Pics + More
CIP15 15 Padded Swivel 12 19.5 10.5 5 Polyurethane 80 7 - 10 Days $1,300.00 Pics + More

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What you should know BEFORE you buy!

  • Never exceed working load limits!

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