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Rigger Skates - Level, Straight-line, High Capacity

Load Capacities: 40 - 100 tons

Country of Origin: Made in the USA.

Description: This high capacity Rigger Skate is designed for moving in a straight line on level floors. The machine skate features a large footprint for stability and load distribution. The heavy duty machine skate has steel spikes on the top to hold its position under the load. The machine skates are outfitted with either steel rollers for rough floor conditions or polyurethane rollers to protect sensitive floors. The Rigger Skate with its large number of equal size rollers is designed for use on level floors. All rollers have a diameter of 3.25 inches. These machine skates feature large footprints for stability and load distribution.

Applications: The machine skates are used for where ever large machinery, heavy loads, or any other large moves must be moved in a straight line.

Roller Type: Steel or Polyurethane.

Type: Straight-line.

Includes: One individual Rigger Machine Skate.

Warning: Never exceed rated capacity!

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     Features Dimensions         
Model Load Capacity (tons) Type Roller Material Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
HH06 100 Straight-line Steel 29.7 12 4.7 229 1 - 3 days $1,666.00 Pics + More
HH07 40 Straight-line Polyurethane 28 12 4 122 1 - 3 days $1,607.00 Pics + More
HH08 55 Straight-line Polyurethane 29.7 12 4.7 188 1 - 3 days $2,377.00 Pics + More

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