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Money and Gun Safe Dollies

Capacity Per Pair: 1320 - 3950 lbs.

Applications: The use ranges from moving cabinet-shaped loads like gun safes, money safes, document safes, industrial electrical control panels, server cabinets, refrigerators, heavy boxes, and containers.

Description: The money vault and gun safe moving dollies is capable of lifting and rolling at the same time.

Versions: Available in Manual or Hydraulic: The manual unit is operated by a wind-up hand crank that turns internal gears to lift the load. The hydraulic unit has a built in hydraulic jack. Pumping then lifts the load.

Roller Type: The Money and Gun Safe Dollies come with floor protective phenolic roller material.

How it works: Slightly tilt load on one side to position dolly’s loading platform under load. (Use crowbar to create a gap under load if necessary). Repeat on other side of load with second dolly. Strap dollies to load with tie-downs. Winch / jack up load. Now roll.

Includes: Sold in pairs. Each set includes two individual dollies and an attached ratchet strap on each dolly.

Warning: Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Lifting Method Capacity Per Pair (lbs) Lift Height (in) Width (in) Height (in) Roller Diameter (in) Load Plate Depth (in) Load Plate Width (in) Depth (in) Weight per pair (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
HL101-MFM Manual 1320 12 23 32 6 4.5 8.5 15 55 Same Day $475.00 Pics + More
HL102-HFM Hydraulic 3950 10 26.5 42 6 2.25 23 16 190 3 - 4 weeks $665.00 Pics + More
WC01 Manual 1320 12 23 32 6 4.5 8.5 15 70 3 - 5 days $530.50 Pics + More
WC02 Hydraulic 3950 10 26.5 42 6 2.25 23 16 210 Same Day $730.00 Pics + More

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What you should know BEFORE you buy!

  • Never exceed working load limits!

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