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Leg Support Dolly Light Duty - Soft Rubber Wheels - Capacity 225 lbs



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Item: Leg Support Dolly - Light Duty - Soft Rubber Wheels - Capacity: 225 lbs

Value-Added Feature: Each dolly has a recessed center which will hold and support a leg

Applications: Used to move restaurant ovens, industrial equipment with support feet, or anything with posts.

Description: These compact triangular shaped dollies come with a recessed center and are often called cup dollies or cup casters. One dolly is to be placed under each post or leg of the article you intend to move; once all posts have dollies, you simply roll your cargo to its destination. Whether you’re moving across the room, down the street, or into a truck, the swivel wheels and tripod wheel arrangement will allow the load to move in any direction. Even top heavy articles can be transported safely and securely.

Includes:  (1) one leg support dolly

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!




Light Duty
Soft tread, black solid rubber






2 - 3 days

Wheel Choices:

  1. Semi-Steel: Chosen when weight bearing and ease of rolling are the primary considerations, with floor protection being secondary. Excellent in high heat applications.
  2. Bondcelon: High weight capacity wheels used in a variety of conditions; high heat, water, grease, oils, animal fats, acids and detergents. Made from macerated fabric impregnated with phenolic resin.
  3. Rubber Tread: High grade hard and soft rubber tread wheels are used for providing maximum floor protection. Hard tread is used when a higher weight capacity is required.
  4. Bondrelene: Hard, black plastic wheels are easy to start and roll. They are also impervious to grease, oil, gasoline, cooking fats and most acids.
  5. Tuffbond: Hard white plastic wheels with a high weight capacity, wide temperature range, non-marking, non-shedding, anti-static, non-absorbent, and impervious to most chemicals.
  6. Polyurethane: 6 inch diameter high capacity roller, steel core with polyurethane tread. Non-marking floor protective. Temperature range: -45 to 180 degree Fahrenheit.