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Motorized Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Application: For transporting HVAC systems, heavy loads on construction sites and loads that muxt be moved across unfavorable surfaces such as dirt.

Description: The specially made air-inflated wide tires allow your load to move over all types of surfaces such as gravel, dirt, concrete and grass where forklifts, standard pallet trucks and dollies will not work. The motorized rough terrain pallet truck reduces the amount of effort needed to move your load. The handle allows you to raises and lowers the adjustable-width forks with the engine to accommodate the handling of pallets, crates and other heavy loads. Tires have sealed bearings against contamination with sand. The rough terrain pallet truck features a cappacity of 2000 lbs when the load is at the 18" center mark on the forks.. The 18" drive wheel allows the motorized pallet jack to move over normal problematic obsticles suck as gravel, dirt, grass, and small obsticles with no effort from the operator. Complies with ASME B56.1-2004

Wheel Type: The powered rough terrain pallet truck feature two different types of wheels. The rear wheels features a 13" x 4" paired pnuematic steer wheel assembly while the front lead wheels feature an 18" x 8 1/2" foam filled off road style wheel.

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Model Capacity (lbs) Wheel Diameter (in) Drive Wheel Diameter (in) Fork Length (in) Fork Height min to max (in) Adjustable Fork Width (in) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Color Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
ALL-T-2-GPT 2000 13 18 36 3 - 12 8 - 36 68 79 51 Blue 1500 4 weeks $6,980.72 Pics + More
ALL-T-2-GPT-L 2000 13 18 48 3 - 12 8 - 36 80 79 51 Blue 1600 4 weeks $7,533.45 Pics + More
ALL-T-4-GPT 4000 13 18 36 3 - 12 8 - 36 68 79 51 Blue 1625 4 weeks $7,615.00 Pics + More
ALL-T-4-GPT-L 4000 13 18 48 3 - 12 8 - 36 80 79 51 Blue 1725 4 weeks $8,180.20 Pics + More

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