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House Mover Skates

Items: House Mover Skates - Individual Skates - Steel Rollers - Load Capacities: 50 and 100 tons

Country of Origin: Made in the USA

Applications: These skates are used for moving houses, buildings, structures, complexes, etc

Description: These skates are specially designed for house moving applications. The house moving skates are outfitted with 3.25 inch diameter steel rollers and (4) four corner vertical guide rollers to cradle and roll on beams. The top half of the house mover skate is mirrored at the bottom (Rollers on top and bottom), so the skate can sit on top of a beam and cradle another beam on top. The design further allows full 360° (degrees) rotation around the center plate between the top and bottom skate. Vertical guide rollers on the house mover skate can be adjusted to accept beams from 8 ¼ to 16 ¼ inches wide.

These house moving skates can also be split into two halves (top and bottom) and used as separate skates. Each half has the same load capacity as the complete mover skate (for example the 100 ton complete skate can be split into two half skates with 100 tons capacity each).

Roller Type: Steel - for rough floor conditions

Includes: (1) one house mover skate

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Number of Load rollers Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Guide Roller min. Width (in) Roller to Roller Height (in) Guide Roller max. Width (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
HH050 50 16 19.57 20.5 10 8.25 8.25 16.25 318 2 - 3 weeks $2,894.00 Pics + More
HH100 100 28 28.45 20.6 10 8.25 8.25 16.25 590 2 - 3 weeks $4,355.00 Pics + More

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