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Heavy Duty - Container Dollies - Set

Items: Container Dollies Set - Heavy Duty - Set Capacities: 28 to 60 tons

Applications: Designed for towing or pushing heavy loaded containers from A to B

Characteristics: Freely steerable - JUWAthan non-floor damaging rollers - Reliability for frequent daily use - Extremely durable even under toughest working conditions

Compatibility: Dollies fit any 8 ft. wide (and any 9, 19, 29, and 40 ft. length) ISO freight container with standard corner / castings fittings.

Quality: Made in Germany - Manufactured by JUNG - 5 year warranty - Lifetime technical support - Replacement parts available at cost

Description: Industrial duty roller dollies with highest reliability and durability for transporting standard ISO freight containers. Front dolly comes with thrust bearing supported turntable allowing for free steering without the need to stop and reposition to turn. Patented JUWAthan Rollers will not damage, scratch or mark floors. Pulling handles outfitted with towing eye. Attach to forklift for towing (or pushing). Rolls heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort. Two versions are available: The indoor version is designed for use on smooth floors. The dollies have a low profile and are outfitted with cone style container fittings. These fittings are spikes that slide into the container corner holes to prevent slipping of the dollies. The outdoor version is designed for use indoor as well as on outdoor pavements. The dollies have large rollers and are outfitted with container twist lock fittings. Turning the handle on the twistlock, rotates the tip of the fitting which then anchors the dolly to the container. Set includes one steerable front dolly (dual interconnected) with connecting bars and pulling handle and one straight-line rear dolly (dual interconnected) with connecting bar.

Attention! What you need to know before you buy: Loaded containers have varying center of gravities. Load capacity is reduced when Center of Gravity location is not centered or when one dolly loses contact whilst traveling over uneven ground. Please assure that each loading cassette is not overloaded.

Learn More: Things you need to know before you buy! See Bottom of Page

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     Capacities Dimensions         
Model Version Version Set Capacity (tons) Capacity of each load cassette (tons) Roller Diameter (in) Height to top of fitting (in) Width - fitting to fitting (in) Set Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
XY14Set Indoor Indoor 28 7 3.3 6.9 89 500 Same Day $6,427.00 Pics + More
XY20Set Outdoor Outdoor 40 10 5.5 11.8 89 750 Same Day $12,447.00 Pics + More
XY30Set Outdoor Outdoor 60 15 5.5 11.8 89 1100 3 - 5 weeks $17,576.00 Pics + More

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What you should know BEFORE you buy!

  • Never exceed working load limits!

Example of Application Pictures:

Dolly system

The dolly system consists of two interconnected steerable front dolly units and two interconnected rear straight-line followers which provide maneuverability like a car: The front steers, the rear follows in a straight line. The front dolly is outfitted with a pulling handle which is used for steering and pulling. The pulling handle has a towing eye which can be attached to a towing vehicle such as a forklift.

Container Fittings

The Indoor Version of the container dollies is outfitted with cone fittings. The cone fittings slide into the corner holes of a container. As long as the container does not rock and lift up, the corner fittings hold firmly in the corner holes and keep the dollies from sliding out even under pulling and tugging action. The fittings are low in height ideal for customers that want to keep the container close to the ground.

The Outdoor Version of the container dollies is outfitted with twist-lock fittings. These twist-locks are much taller than the cone fittings on the “indoor version” and slide higher up into the corner holes of the container. A handle on the twist-lock can be pulled to turn the tip of the twist-lock 90 degrees and in turn locking the fitting into the hole. This attaches the dolly firmly to the container and it cannot slide out.

More info

Further technical information, pictures, videos, engineering drawings, etc. on our freight shipping container dollies is also available at Toolwell.com.

Roller Material

The dollies are outfitted with patented JUWAthan-plus rollers. The roller material is baked in an oven over a long period for elasticity & extreme toughness for superior performance & durability over traditional polyurethane, composite or steel rollers. The rollers are non-floor damaging and non-floor marking. The rollers can be used on smooth & rough floors, on floors with cracks & dirt, inside & outside. The elastic rollers mold around obstacles and keep rolling whereby overcoming small obstacles easily by - No stop, up & over action required like with other rollers. The material spreads out intentionally for keeping low floor pressure. The rollers have low break out & low rolling resistance with low push-pull force and low manpower requirements. The rollers are shock absorbent and reliable under toughest working conditions.