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Directional Dollies

Items: Directional Dollies - Individual Skate -  Load Capacities: 3 & 5 tons

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany

Value-Added Feature: Holds direction without drifting

Applications: Ideal for production lines and hallways where loads have to travel in long straight-lines, then turned and pointed into a new straight-line.

Description: The Directional Dollies have a Zigzag Maneuverability that holds the direction without drifting. They are ideal for production lines where straight-line maneuverability is needed as well as the ability to change directions at any given point. The directional dollies allow the operator to either push on the load causing the dollies to self-turn or use the optional steering handle for more precise handling of loads. Dollies change direction easily. Heavy loads are able to move sideways and around corners in a controlled and precision manner. Powder coated frame. Galvanized axles. Swivel roller housings outfitted with thrust bearing and (2) two axial bearings for easy rotation.Comes with Lifetime Technical Support. Replacement parts available. Patented design.

Roller Type: Patented JUWAthan (advanced Polyurethane) - non-floor damaging rollers

Certifications: Conforms to ANSI B30.1

Includes: (1) one directional dolly

Optional Accessory: Pulling handle. Connect the optional pulling handle for towing in any direction, for added steering control and for control against run-away load. The dollies are used in most applications without a pulling handle beacuse the dollies will follow in any direction without the need for steering.

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Roller Width (in) Roller Diameter (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
TD3 3 16.5 16.1 5.9 1.7 3.3 60 Same Day $1,673.00 Pics + More
TD5 5 16.5 16.1 5.9 1.7 3.3 70 Same Day $2,137.00 Pics + More

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