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Cradle Dollies

Items: Cradle Dollies - Set of (4) Four - Set Capacity: 1,320 lbs

Description: Triangular shaped cradle dollies with recessed loading platforms. Place one dolly under each corner of a rectangular shaped load to turn the cargo into a rolling cart. 360° (degrees) rotating wheels allow for rolling in any direction with ease. Platform is outfitted with anti-slip foam surface to securely cradle and hold load. Each dolly has a steel frame and is equipped with (3) three rollers.

Applications: Used to move rectangular shaped loads such as industrial cabinets, safes, vending machines, or commercial washing machines

Sets Include: (4) four cradle dollies

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Set Capacity (lbs) Set Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Quantity Price Qty. 
HL401 1320 20 Same Day Set of 4 $175.00 Pics + More

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