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Confined Space Rotating Dolly - Capacity 8 tons



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Item: Confined Space Rotating Dolly - Professional / Daily Use - Patented JUWAmid Rollers - Load Capacity: 8 tons

Value-Added Feature: 360° (degrees) Maneuverability

Applications: For moving heavy loads in confined spaces

Description: Move loads sideways and around corners with these rotating dollies - Rollers swivel 360° (degrees) to allow for easy change of direction - Rollers will not damage floors and will not leave marks - Low profile keeps loads close to the ground - Comes with Lifetime Technical Support.

Includes: (1) one individual dolly - Optional pulling handle is sold separately (see below table)

Optional Accessory: Pulling handle. The dollies are used in most applications without a pulling handle. These omni-directional dollies will follow in any direction without the need for steering. However, a pulling handle can be used to pull as well as to control the load from any runaway danger.

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!








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WARNING! Run-away danger.

The rotating dolly will roll in any direction. Using the rotating dollies on slopes and uneven ground can cause the load to turn into a run-away load. Dollies are for use on level floors only.

Roller Material

The rotating dollies are outfitted with easy turning, specially formulated JUWAmid rollers. When the dolly changes direction, the rollers must turn in place. However, traditional roller materials have high rolling resistance and make it difficult to turn. Consequently engineers set out to create a material that simulates the turning characteristics of a roller turning in a puddle of oil. The result was JUWAmid. The material feels oily but in fact it is a hard solid compound. This roller material has the unique slick turning characteristics that reduces the "rubber effect" friction when spinning in place. The JUWAmid roller material is also floor protective and does also not mark the floors even on tile or sensitive epoxy.

Dolly Design

To aid the easy turning in confined spaces, the rollers are mounted in rotating roller housings which lead the rollers into the turn. This "follow-behind" design assists for easy turning of heavy weights. The rotating dollies are also outfitted with narrow rollers. Unlike a traditional wide roller, the multiple narrow rollers in each wheel housing can turn in opposite directions when spinning in place. They can rotate on one spot. This eliminates the opposing friction forces and makes for easy turning. If you are using 4 rotating dollies or more and are worried about slippage, all dollies come with a center hole – the larger dollies also come additionally with slides - which allows users to use a holding bracket or tie downs to affix the dolly to the load.


A pulling handle can be attached to the rotating dolly via its side arm. The use of the pulling handle is optional and most users use the dollies without by pushing directly on the load instead. The pulling handle can be used for pulling, steering and is most often used for controlling the load against run-away dangers.

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Further technical information, pictures, videos, engineering drawings, etc. on our omni-directional rotating dollies is also available at Toolwell.com.