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Economy Rotating Dolly

Items: Confined Space Rotating Dolly - Economy / Occaisional Use - Polyurethane Rollers - Load Capacities: 2 to 4 tons

Value-Added Feature: 360° (degrees) maneuverability

Applications: For occasional movement of factory machines, large equipment, oversized crates, industrial equipment, non-critical moves, and general material handling applications

Description: Move loads sideways and around corners with these rotating dollies. Rollers swivel 360° (degrees) to allow for easy change of direction. A low profile keeps loads close to the ground.

Includes: (1) one individual dolly and (1) one pulling handle

Additional Information: The dollies are used in most applications without a pulling handle. These omni-directional dollies will follow in any direction without the need for steering. However, a pulling handle can be used to pull as well as to control the load from any runaway danger.

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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Model Load Capacity (tons) Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs) Usually Ships Within Price Qty. 
HL021 2 16.15 19.7 4.25 60 Same Day $499.00 Pics + More
HL022 4 20.1 23 4.25 85 Same Day $799.00 Pics + More

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