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Air Bearings

Advisor: What are Air Bearings?

Air bearings are designed to float heavy loads across floor surfaces on a film of air. Using shop air, air pressure is channeled through the hoses into the air casters. These air dollies are designed like a cup laying face down on the floor. The air fills up the cup then spills over the edge creating a continuous air film between the cup and the floor.

As a result the cup is lifted off the ground creating a floating effect. Heavy loads such as machines and industrial equipment can be placed onto the air bearings and floated across floors. Air bearings, also called pneumatic casters, air floats and air glides are manufactured in Type A and Type B.

In addition to creating the floating effect, Type A load modules provides virtually no lift while Type B air casters provide lift. Rigging.com currently only carries Type B air skates since these are more versatile.

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