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Professional Load Roller Dolly - Front - 6 Tons Capacity



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Item: Professional Load Roller Dolly - Front Unit - Individual Skate - Capacity: 6 tons - Patented JUWAthan Rollers

Characteristics: Freely steerable - JUWAthan non-floor damaging rollers - Reliability for frequent daily use - Extremely durable even under toughest working conditions

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: JUNG / Made in Germany

Description: Industrial machine roller dollies with highest reliability, durability, and safety standard. Mix and match these steerable front dollies and rear straight-line dollies to any configuration. The front dolly comes with a thrust bearing supported turntable, allowing for freely steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn. Patented JUWAthan Rollers will not damage, scratch, or mark floors. Rollers have low rolling restistance and are outfitted with sealed precision ball bearings. Pull the machine roller dollies by hand. (This model does not have a towing eye attached to the handle. See larger models for towing eye). The dollies roll heavy loads easily from point A to point B with less effort. When used in a 3-Point dolly system, the dollies won't slip out from under the load - even when pulling and tugging. 

Applications: These machine roller dollies are used by NASA, US MILITARY, the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, and by manufacturers moving vital loads. Applications range from military defense system, nuclear power plant applications, the transport of sensitive material, furnaces, and other material handling applications of the utmost importance.

Quality: Warranty: 5 years - Lifetime technical support - Meets safety standard ASME B30.1 - Replacement parts available at cost

Roller Type: Patented JUWAthan (advanced Polyurethane), non-floor damaging rollers

Includes: (1) one steerable front dolly with pulling handle

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!








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  • * Model J03A not available with pulling eye.
  • **Dollies with load capacity up to 12 tons meet or exceed ANSI B30.1. Dollies with load capacity exceeding 12 tons cannot not be tested to ANSI.

Combination of front and rear to dolly set

Example of Application Pictures

3 Point roller dolly system - How does it work?

Users unfamiliar with using a three point dolly system will hesitate because using 4 dollies is more intuitive. However, using a 3 point dolly system is in most cases more stable than using 4 dollies to transport a load.

If you are traveling over an uneven surface, your load will rock on 4 dollies just like a 4-legged chair on uneven ground.

When a load rocks on dollies that are not attached directly to it, the weight of the load is lifted off one dolly and it slips out. This can cause obvious moving and safety problems.

Now, imagine a 3 legged chair or stool; when it is placed on uneven ground, the chair will not rock. The 3 legged stool will not lean or tip as long as the weight (Center of Gravity) is kept within the triangle created by the three legs.

Setting your load on three dollies will have the same effect: the load can not rock. Its weight has been evenly distributed, pressing down onto the dollies at all times and thus keeping the dollies firmly in place.

Once your load is on three roller dollies, you can travel over uneven surfaces and not worry about the dollies slipping - even under pulling and tugging action.

Roller Material

The dollies are outfitted with patented JUWAthan-plus rollers.The roller material is baked in an oven over a long period for elasticity & extreme toughness for superior performance & durability over traditional polyurethane, composite or steel rollers. The rollers are non-floor damaging and non-floor marking. The rollers can be used on smooth & rough floors, on floors with cracks & dirt, inside & outside. The elastic rollers mold around obstacles and keep rolling whereby overcoming small obstacles easily by - No stop, up & over action required like with other rollers. The material spreads out intentionally for keeping low floor pressure. The rollers have low break out & low rolling resistance with low push-pull force and low manpower requirements. The rollers are shock absorbent and reliable under toughest working conditions.

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Further technical information, pictures, videos, engineering drawings, etc. on our 3 point machine skates is also available at Toolwell.com.