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CLOSE OUT - Roller Dollies

Items: 3 Point Machine Roller Dollies Set - Industrial - Set Capacity: 18 ton

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Description: Forklift towable industrial roller dollies move heavy machines with ease. Each dolly set contains a freely steerable lead dolly and two rear straight-line followers. The lead dolly comes with a friction-plate turntable allowing freely steering without needing to stop and reposition to turn. The width between the rear dollies is adjustable for different size loads. Use of connecting bar is recommended, but optional. All the dollies feature heavy duty steel frames and ride on high capacity rollers with needle bearings.

Applications: Warehouse use - Power plant applications - Transporting of sensitive material - Material handling applications of the up most importance

Roller Type: Steel - for rough floor conditions

Set Includes: (1) one steerable lead dolly with pulling handle & (2) two straight-line rear dollies with connecting bar

WARNING:  Never exceed rated capacity!

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