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Needle Bearing Set ( 15 per set )



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Needle Bearing Set ( 15 needles per set ). This set retrofits one roller. 

How to install Needle Bearings:

Step One: Set Washer on a sturdy work surface

Step Two: Set Steel/Wood Dowel in the ID of the Washer to represent the Axle. Since our Axles are 1" Round, we recommend a 15/16" Round x 1-1/2" Long for ease of use. 

Step Three: Set Roller over the Washer & Dowel. 

Step Four: Drop Needle Bearings into the cylinder bore of the Roller around the Dowell. There is intended to be a gap where it may look like you could fit an additional Bearing in. 

Step Five: Slide the Roller off the work surface with one hand and use the palm of your other hand to hold the washer from the bottom.

Step Six: Place the Axle into the Axle Boss and just enough through the inside surface of the Skate Frame to place your second Washer on it.  

Step Seven: Hold the roller horizontally with your non-dominant hand in front of the Axle & Washer inside the Skate Frame. Use your dominant hand to tap the end of the Axle through the Axle Boss and Frame Bore using a rawhide or non-marring hammer. Make sure that the palm of your non-dominant hand is safely acting as a barrier to keep the dowel from flying out of the other end before you begin tapping the axle. Be sure to line up the Axle Well for the Set Screw with the Drilled & Tapped Hole on the appropriate Boss. 

Step Eight: Secure the Set Screw through the boss with a hex key/allen wrench. 

Step Nine: While spinning the Roller by hand to simulate rolling, use a Grease Gun (Powered or Hand Pump) on each Zerk/Grease Fitting (some Axles have 2 Zerks!) to lube the Rollers/Bearings. We recommend stopping when new Grease begins to show out of the Washers. 



2 - 3 days